Precision Prescribing

Based on Test Results

LEVERAGING PRECISION PRESCRIBINGBased on Your DNA Blueprint and Biomarkers

Your Cannabis Genes Rx™ journey begins with an understanding of your genetics. To learn what risk factors you have around your health and receive personalized and targeted cannabis prescription just for your specific needs.


Determine WHY you are thinking

about using Cannabis

Recreational use for euphoria and enjoyment? Treatment of chronic conditions? Modulating the effects of physical disease or mental illness?

Depending on your health goal, will determine the ratio of THC to CBD of your cannabis prescription.


Determine WHAT are your

solutions for your health issues

Also consider other factors which may be affecting your conditions. Hormonal imbalance? Inflammatory triggers?

For many circumstances, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, serotonin, GABA, epinephrine are just some messenger molecules which impact our feelings and determine if we feel calm, anxious, sad or panicked.

Environmental factors such as foods, caffeine and alcohol also impact our reactions to physical pain, inflammation and mood.


Determine HOW to create your

personalized prescription

By leveraging precision diagnostics, we can test you for variables which determine the right course of action for your health goals and concerns. You can get tested for the variables below. Once we know your body’s DNA blueprint and biomarkers, we can customize a cannabis prescription which will likely be more effective and you’ll experience less side effects.


Determine WHERE to get your

precision diagnostic testing

Executive Health Centre is a global expert in precision medicine. Through it’s affiliate, a Cannabis DNA test and programs related to precision prescribing of Cannabis for medical use.


Determine WHAT is your

precision Rx for medical cannabis

Armed with your pharmacogenetics cannabis results and other supportive test (neurotransmitters and hormone profile) reports, your precision medicine health team at Executive Health Centre can offer you a prescription based on your unique profile and health needs.


Determine WHERE you would like

to fill your cannabis prescription

Once you have your personalized prescription, you can choose a licensed producer who can fill your prescription and the cannabis product will be shipped to you.

Cannabis DNA

The Cannabis DNA Test analyzes your
DNA to provide you with a set of
evidence-based, personalized
recommendations for achieving an
optimal response to medicinal cannabis.

Cannabis Insights

The Cannabis Insights Program reflects your unique genetic makeup and brain hormone profile informing you as to which cannabis
strains and products are optimal for your
health and well-being.

Cannabis Assessment Program

The Cannabis Assessment Program analyzes your DNA, your cortisol and neurotransmitters to help most effectively treat your symptoms, enhance your health, and allow you to avoid or minimize unwanted side-effects.

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